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Wabtec Corp. purchases IP rights to a novel rail-coupler design created as a class project by students in Prof. Panat’s Design class!!

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Four students in a course taught by Prof. Panat have had their design for an improved railroad coupler purchased by Wabtec, a Forture 500 company (owner of GE Locomotives).  The company provided funds to students Wade Lacy, Michelle [...]

June 2019

Panat Lab Receives DOE Grant to Create Cyber-secure Sensor Networks for Energy Systems using Blockchain Technology

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Panat Lab received a DOE grant to create cybersecure sensor networks for energy systems using the Blockchain technology. This research is in collaboration with Prof. Vipul Goyal, CS department, CMU. The total funding is $400,000 [...]

May 2019

April 2019

Sandy wins the Prestigious 2019 CMLH Fellowship to work on Brain-Machine Interfaces! Congratulations!!

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The Center for Machine Learning and Health (CMLH) has award Sandy the 2019 graduate student fellowship to work on 3D printed brain-machine interfaces. As a CMLH Fellow, Sandy will get stipend, tuition, and research funds [...]

Taibur and Chih-Yang’s paper on 3D Printed Temperature Sensors Accepted in ACS-ANM Journal!

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Taibur and Chih-Yang's paper on 3D printed temperature sensors was accepted in ACS Applied Nano Materials. The research has far reaching implications for soft robotics, cryosurgery, biopatches and other applications. Congratulations!

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